Development Cooperation Projects

Development Cooperation Projects

LiiKe was established officially in 2001 and registered as a non-governmental organization in Finland. Since the beginning LiiKe has been working closely with its counterpart Sport Development Aid in Tanzania implementing and executing several initiatives with success.

The funds required to the projects have mostly come from project support from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland in addition to our own fundraising and support from Finnish companies like Amer Sports, Wärtsilä, Fiskars, Niras Finland and Stadium.


It all started from a team called FC Vito, an idea that came from the Embassy of Finland in Tanzania. The first FC Vito football team arrived to Helsinki to participate in an international youth football tournament hold every summer in the Finnish capital area since 1976. The first team came from Mtwara town and consisted of 15 twelve year old boys. Since year 2000 altogether 14 teams have been nominated to FC Vito project and have got the chance to show their talent in Helsinki Cup. The project was evaluated on its 10th jubilee in 2010 and was developed according to the results of the evaluation.

Now the project focuses even more on the education and the maintenance of the team members thanks to all the foster parents of the players. With a monthly donation of 20€ all the players are able to finish their secondary education and continue to play and develop both their academic and physical skills.

Education Through Sport Mtwara, Singida & Lindi regions

FC Vito is probably our most visible project by its strong media attractiveness yet other remarkable projects have been successfully established to different parts of Tanzania. Thousands of governmental primary schools have been maintained with sports fields and facilities, teachers and peer coaches have been trained and educated to hold quality sport sessions and health education classes.

These Education Through Sport (ETS) projects were established in one the most remote areas in Tanzania in Mtwara, Lindi and Singida. In these areas the national statistics showed very poor performance in primary schools, especially for girls. Since the projects were established, their national rankings have risen remarkably.

Moms & Daughters

Since girls and especially adolescent ladies face many challenges in the developing countries when it comes to educating themselves and having the power to decide about the important factors in their own lives LiiKe started an initiative named Moms and Daughters. The most important objectives of the project were:

  • Consciousness and understanding of children’s rights and human rights
  • Implementing of healthy life style
  • The idea of family-planning
  • Understanding the value of sport and healthy way of life
  • Understanding the importance of education
  • Implementing a safe and trustworthy social circle